Posted By admin - 24 Dec 2015 - beneficence

We Are the World – Smooth Criminals for Flying Angels

The Flying Angels Foundation deals with finding, purchasing and donating round trip airplane tickets, to and from all over the world for children in health emergency that need to be urgently transferred to a health facility in order to receive adequate treatment.

The Foundation also donates tickets to medical teams who go on site to perform lifesaving surgeries.

This song and video were created with our friends in order to let people know about this wonderful project, and invite them to help children all over the world, by donating to this Foundation.

All the earnings from the iTunes selling of this song will be entirely donated to the Flying Angels Foundation.

You can contact them for information, or make a donation, visiting the site

The Smooth Criminals would also like to thank all the great people which take part in this project. Their voices, and their hearts, joined in order to create something beautiful, and we are truly grateful for that.

This is our way of remembering Michael, and following his words
of humanity, passion, and love.

Smooth Criminals